Monday, 5 November 2012

Artificial Stoopidity.

I recently took advantage of Just Flight's pre-order upgrade offer to get their new AI traffic package, Traffic360, to upgrade my existing TrafficX.  One of the advertised features is that many of the AI aircraft models now have functining doors and other animations.


Let's be honest.  We've all done it.

One other slight problem with the new eye candy.  The parked AI traffic now get visited by fuel trucks, baggage trucks, pushback tugs etc.  And according to some posters on the Just Flight forums, departing aircraft won't start to taxi without at least a visit from the fuel truck.  As a result, the traffic, which always took a little while to get moving, is even slower than before.  As I type this I've had the sim running in another window for 15 minutes and only just seen the first taxi clearance request come through on the ATC window. Five minutes later there's been nothing else departing, just one arrival taxi-ing to the stand, and that's with the AI slider set to 50%.  On the one hand, this would make it a lot easier to get clearance than the fairly crowded ATC frequency I had under TrafficX, but on the other hand it's not quite the bustling EGCC we know and love.

Stop press: Another hilarious side effect of the slow departures - the incoming flight I just mentioned was an Emirates A380, the departing flight, which opened up the only empty terminal gate, was a narrow-body short haul jet.  The result?

The Airbus A380.  Making other airliners its bitches since 2005.

Stop Press 2: Two more flights just requested taxi clearance.  That's three in about half an hour.


  1. Very funny! Keep up the nice work. I love this blog.

  2. That top picture made me snigger - missed it initially.