Friday, 30 November 2012

Remember, remember the fifth of November...

...which was the last time I posted here... jeez!  where'd that month go?

I'm afraid the reason I've not posted recently is that Real Life reasserted itself, leaving little or no time for playing pretend pilot games.... sorry I of course mean practicing in the very serious and not at all frivolous flight simulator.  (whew, what a slip of the tongue!)

I did try to fire up the sim last Saturday, but fell foul of technical problems which managed to eat up both the time and motivation to fly.  Circumstances are such that I'm probably not going to get a chance this weekend, but hopefully once real life has settled down a little bit, I'll be able to get back behind the yoke.

Regarding the problems I was experiencing with Traffic 360 - apparently the greatly reduced volume of traffic I was seeing was actually a feature not a bug.  T360 apparently uses accurate up to date airline schedule data, and according to Just Flight, what I'm seeing is actually a closer reflection of actual traffic volumes at EGCC than I was getting with TrafficX

Now thinking about this, I've let the sim run for a couple of hours and watched the volume of aircraft movements and compared them to the scheduled flights according to FlightAware.  Grudgingly I have to admit that they may be right  My own personal experience of flying is limited to 2003-2006, in which I experienced the queues on the taxiway that TrafficX was giving me.  But apparently those years correspond to a peak in UK air travel, and there are a lot fewer passengers flying these days.  Combine that with the end of summer holiday season and the result is thata Manchester Airport is a lot less busy than I remember.

In many ways this is actually a good thing.  Getting a word in edgeways with Clearence Delivery or Ground, especially using MCE voice recognition, could be problematic at best.  And when I do get back in the cockpit, I'll be spending a lot less time queueing on taxiways and get up into the air faster.  But in a way I'm kinda sad that EGCC, while still the UK's third busyest airport, isn't quite as insanely busy and bustling as I'd thought.

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