Saturday, 16 March 2013

Aviation Help 5c. The Pilot is: IN

Here's the current state of the Ghetto Flightsim Cockpit.

The original plan of stacking one Laiva desk on top of another was quickly abandoned when it became clear that the TV I plan to use for the main display would not fit.  Instead we've put together a frame for the overhead keyboard to attach to, as well as replacing the desktop with a piece of MDF which extends further out than the original, to provide plenty of room for the flight controls.  The lower of the two custom keyboards will attach to an upright piece of MDF just in front of the screen.  Unfortunately this change has led to a cost overrun of about 400%.  But since the original budget was a modest £20, we're not doing too badly.

Now I'll grant you this project isn't up there with some of the stunning cockpit builds you see on the web, but then again it was never meant to be.  The goal is simply to recreate the setup I had at the end of last year, with the two custom keyboards mounted over and under the main display.  The one thing I won't have at the moment is a second monitor for instruments and the ATC window, but I can get by without that for now (and there are a couple of possible options we can look at later).

Once we get the lower keyboard mount fitted, this'll be basically ready for a test flight or two.  After that we might look at the possibility of boxing in the top and sides to give more of an enclosed cockpit feel, and make it look a little less like Lucy's kiosk in the Peanuts cartoons.

I'm also holding out for a cupholder.

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