Monday, 8 July 2013

Video Killed the Blogging.... erm

...well I can't really call myself a star with only two subscribers now, can I?

But while I have been doing a bit of flight-simming in the last couple of months, instead of documenting it here I've made the leap to the multi-media world and been doing a video series on YouTube

(in case that video link doesn't work, click here.)

Last year, I noticed that while there are dozens and dozens of FSX videos being uploaded every day, most were either of the "As Real As It Gets!!!!1!one1!" variety, or very artistically filmed and choreographed "movies". Now there's nothing wrong with either of that style (though personally I don't see the appeal in yet another night-time wing-view video).  Nobody seemed to be doing "Let's Play" style videos with commentary for flight simulators, at least not in English.  It seemed to be an obvious gap in the "market".

Of course when I finally got around to publishing my first video, I found two other YouTubers who'd just started Let's Plays of FSX within the previous few days.   Fortunately instead of being bitter rivals, we've formed an alliance of sorts, helping promote each other's channels and covering complementary topics (Infin8Lives is playing a career in FSPassengers, AShadowBoxsFSX is doing the same for cargo with AirHauler and while both are flying some excellent payware, I'm fooling around with mostly stock and freeware aircraft.)

Trying to commentate while flying adds another level of complexity to the exercise, but it's something I'm getting the hang of.

Rather than "moving on" from blogging to video, as a friend put it (prompting this post, in fact!) I'm going to make a determined effort to run the blog and video series in parallel from now on.  So watch this space!

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  1. Yeay - I tend to find the video let's flys a little long for my hectic home life (LOL), where-as I can access a blog at work. The two ought to work together cross promoting (although I take your point on only two subscribers, hopefully your viewing numbers are a little better)

    For me the blog works better (personal taste) because I'm interested in the technology and summary of what you did, rather than watch the full glory of takeoff routines and fun of taxiing a tail dragger. I love aeroplanes but am generally happy to let other people fly them.

    Thank you :-)